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Aurora Progetti in proposing materials and supplies is attentive to the technological innovations which the industry reserves, with particular reference to products with high energy performance and attentive to ecological solutions that necessarily advance.

Lighting - Aurora Progetti LTD


Lighting products marketed and installed by Aurora Progetti, are in particular, of primary  European and Italian brands and express the best that technology offers today…..

Furnishings - Aurora Progetti LTD


With Aurora Progetti we deal in civil accommodation to offices, in hospitality to commercial and executive; we provide project support for environmental…

Interior Finishings and Paintings - Aurora Progetti LTD

Interior Finishings and Paintings

Aurora Progetti company has over the years paid special attention to all the interior and exterior finishing works which enhances the property and its utilities….

Manufactured Finishings - Aurora Progetti LTD

Manufactured Finishings

A division of Aurora Progetti deals with the finishings of civil buildings, offering top quality materials with the use of innovative technologies ….

Staircases - Aurora Progetti LTD


Aurora Progetti  is able to achieve internal and external staircases of high production quality and of great architectural design; ,..

Playground Equipment for Parks - Aurora Progetti LTD

Playground Equipment for Parks

Aurora Progetti boasts among its partners Italian companies specializing in the construction and installation of playground equipment for parks,…

Ceramics and Building Materials - Aurora Progetti LTD

Ceramics and Building Materials

The company is able to supply high quality Italian and European building materials manufactured according to the highest manufacturing standards.

Doors, Shutters and Windows - Aurora Progetti LTD

Doors, Shutters and Windows

Aurora Progetti develops with important Italian companies the designing and installation of internal and external doors, as well as external high quality shutters and windows ,..

Bathroom Furniture - Aurora Progetti LTD

Bathroom Furniture

We offer a wide range of bathroom furnishings, taps and fittings and accessories among the best Italian and European brands, manufactured  with the best production standards….